• “The Highest State” is Colorado’s unofficial nickname.

  • Colorado is home to 54 peaks all over 14,000 ft.

  • The discovery of gold near Pikes Peak in 1858 helped settle CO.

  • CO was one of the first states to have a gas tax that went towards fixing public roads.

  • CO citizens voted to refuse to host the Winter Olympics in 1972.

  • The state is a perfect rectangle.

  • CO’s first inhabitants were Native Americans.

  • CO’s first European inhabitants were Spanish.

  • CO was part of the Louisiana Purchase of 1803.

  • CO was still a wilderness in 1858.

  • The Colorado Territory was established on Feb. 28, 1861.

  • CO was admitted to the Union on Aug 1, 1876.

  • CO was the second state to give women the right to vote in 1893.

  • Resort Skiing did not become popular in CO until after WWII.

  • President Eisenhower made CO his summer home while he was in office.

  • John Denver is often seen as the embodiment of CO because of his songs and lifestyle.

These are facts taken from my research, including WPA Guide to the Highest State, Adventure Tourism, Vacationland, Ski Style.